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Safety - "Clumsy Clide" uses a ladder to paint a house and falls off several times demonstrating how not to do it
"Safety" Sam then demonstrates the correct way
Sales - "Sloppy Sal The Salesman" rings the customer up ala cart
A better sales approach is demonstrated by "Double Up Danny" who brings home the bacon
 Teamwork - A few members of the "Corporate Comedy Team" go about a project in a very disorganized manor making the Keystone Cops look like a well oiled machine
We then show "Timmy's Finely Tuned Team" improving production by working together. You're specific operational philosophy is incorporated
Customer Relations - "DropOut Doug" a long haired bearded salesman, uses his slipshod style to sell a product
We then show how "Personable Pete" approaches the customer in the manor you like best
 New Product Introduction. A problem with Brand X is shown, with the actors having trouble using it
Your product is then spotlighted showing that your brand is the solution to the problem
  Food Preparation and counter skills. "Messy Margaret" mans the counter at a make-believe restaurant making the make-believe customers ill
"Neat Natalie" then shows us how to meet, greet and take the order correctly
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