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Promotional DVDs
Escape Artists Convention in 2006

Movie trailer

Karch, Promotional DVD
4 hours to shoot and 12 hours to edit
Quote: Both the audio and the video were meticulously edited
This is the best work anyone has ever performed for me

Karch, F.I.S.M. Award Winner 

Escape Artists Convention in 2007

Movie Trailer

Ho Yam Magic
2 hours to shoot and 3 hours to edit
Escape Artists Convention in 2009

Movie Trailer

Most movies on the net jump from frame to frame. Please notice how smoothly all of our movies play
Below are a few samples of DVDs we sell to entertainers from We've been in business since 1937

There is always a need for unique instructional material so we started making our own. In the process we ended up buying the latest software and taking university style acredited courses on editing. We can also make a DVD for you at reasonable prices.

People want educational DVDs and promotional movies made by someone who knows how to edit and add exciting special effects that give it energy.

If you need a VHS converted to DVD format ... If you have old footage you want added to new footage. You give us your problems and we will see if we can provide solutions that are designed for you.

Fun Time Movies - You're connection to great work at reasonable prices. Call Jay 714.847.5311