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Look at the majority of television commercials and you'll agree; Your message to employees or customers will be accepted better when a measured amount of humor is incorporated. We have backgrounds in theater arts and broadcast production and can offer advice on script writting, if you need it.    Below are just a smattering of themes. We also design logos and banner ads.
Customer Relations
 New Product Introduction
  Food Preparation and counter skills
Let Fun Time Movies construct your script while you are busy doing what you do best. Most products or services are accepted better when you add a little humor BUT we also shoot straightforward messages as the script calls for. We have several creative associates, who can contribute to your campaign and help you make a great video all at reasonable prices.

Fun Time Movies is here to produce your video or DVD in the style that best reflects your business. Give us a call and let's discuss how we can benefit your business. If you are making any kind of promotional movie or infomercial- READ ABOUT OUR FEATURES AND BENEFITS

All our video is shot with small high quality digital cameras then edited on state of the art equipment. We use small cameras because they are not intrusive and people seem to act more normal in front of them - When you shove a big camera in someone's face they sometimes freeze or behave "Over the top" so it's far better to get natural reactions, it saves time when filming and it saves time when editing
With a degree in theater arts and touring the country with a specialty production, for ten years, it's safe to say that Jay knows theater. He also appeared in over 7,500 one-man shows in front of live audiences. At the age of 16 Jay was working at an independent television station where he learned the basics of TV production. After many classes in editing and videography Jay is considered a storyteller. The real talent in making a good movie or video is in how you want your story told.
choreography can be an important element when directing people and blocking scenes. We have an excellent choreographer if needed.

After graduating from Hollywood Performing Arts, Kay went on-tour with Las Rosas Traditional Mexican Dance Co., became a member of Ballet Latin Constellation and also appeared with the "R&B Dance Company" She's appeared in several movies, television shows and live stage productions including “Alakazam” a nationally touring illusion production, as the head dancer. After returning to college she receiving a BA degree in Vocal Music.

Currently a member of M.T.A.C. and Dance In Action. Kay has choreographed theatrical productions, dance teams, for studio work & choirs, up and down the west coast. She currently offers Piano & Dance classes from Dancing Shadow Conservatory which she founded in 2005. Part of their outreach program includes an affiliation with Long Beach School of Music. She's also sought after in an impresario role, teaching Ballet for Academy of Music & Movement at Dance Studio, La and is a contributing member of the Southern California Dance Theater Ballet Co., Long Beach.

Just to make it clear, some productions only need one camera and can be completed in an hour however if you want to make a movie with several people involved it's nice to know that we have the talent to handle it.

Listening to your concerns from budget to location to style is the first thing Jay does for you. No two people will want the same exact look or feel to their movie or DVD. We understand that. We live for that. Your appearance will be tailored to your targeted audience.

In some cases, like a band demo there is no need to add an announcer or to have charts and graphics but in other cases charts and graphics with a business person sitting behind a desk is exactly the image you want to portray.

Whatever your vision call and see what we can do for you.

Fun Time Movies - You're connection to great work at reasonable prices Call Jay 714.847.5311
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We also have a prop department - a graphics department - a display department