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Commercial Area

Are you rolling out a new product? We can make the commercial, the campaign, the packaging, and offer marketing ideas.

When offering a product, the root of your promotion lays in the following: (excluding avenues like social networking as opposed to counter sales).

Features and Benefits: What the product does and what you get out of it.

The three reasons people buy from you: Price, Service or Exclusivity.

Finally, there are seven methods to sell something: Asking, Incentive, Negative Sale, Penalty, Assumption, Ego. Testimonial.

We are familiar with all seven presentations. We've also owned various retail and wholesale business and are familiar with retail, counter techniques and phone operations. The above is a boiled-down version of what you would learn in a three year college and you got it for free. If you have a solution to a problem and want to charge to make some money selling it then movies are the way to go. Nothing influences people better then, seeing something in action and seeing people give good reviews. here is a short after-show excerpt. Movie. After seeing how much fun the audience had, you assume the show was good. We can make the right promotional movie for you, whether it's a produce or you are a performer there are untold benefits to having your own promo.
Reasons you need a movie for the web or TV.

• You will get better sales performance in the shortest possible time because your movie acts as a tireless demonstration of what you offer.
• You will save money searching for effective sales knowledge and skills with our solutions, which are time tested.
• You can save years of trying to figure out the best way to promote yourself or your product.
• You want your competitors and colleagues to see you as a leader in your field.
• You want to ask others to share their secrets for success on stronger ground then begging.
• You can save thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands, having us make your promo as opposed to a large company.

A consultation is free after that we can quote you a flat rate or an hourly rate depending on how involved the project is.

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